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About Us

Stone Machinery & Equipment is a Division of EX FACTORY INC, Charlotte, NC, a leading North American Dealer & Importer of Used & New Machinery for Woodworking, Stone, Glass, Plastic, and Metalworking.

The parent company's 1989 entry into the industrial equipment marketplace established today's industry standard in conducting used & new equipment sales in the US and Canada. Over the years, business activity expanded to Mexico, Central & South America, Europe, and many other international markets.

Through its stand-alone Stone Division, both Industries have access to a network of industry veterans and insiders who are well-established in their respective sector's machinery and applications. Knowledgeable Product Managers are your direct contact to guide, advise, and provide Service to you. They are the "Movers & Shakers" behind the Division and a website focused on Stone Equipment and the Industry. They and the network of industry insiders are a very valuable resource for large and small operations alike.

As a participant in the Stone Industry, our exfactory.com website gives you the option to first research, browse, analyze, and investigate available equipment. You have access to all brands, models, features, capabilities, capacities, even original product literature for Used & New Equipment available in the marketplace - without leaving your office.

When you do require additional information, our Sales Team is there to respond to questions, provide additional photos, make arrangements for personal inspections, and handle any other aspect of making your sales transaction the smoothest in the industry - all at a phone call or email away. They are also there providing application support, arranging personal inspections, assisting you with Leasing & Financing, and requesting freight & logistics arrangements when you're "ready to go" and when you want it.

That's the Stone Division's promise to you, a focus on the equipment you want to buy at the best price for your operation - or to sell quickly at the highest possible price - backed by the company that raised and maintains the standard of Used & New Equipment sales & service.

The People behind Stone Machinery & Equipment!
David Helms David, a native of North Carolina, began his career working in construction and home remodeling. Living in the heart of “Furniture Land”, he eventually redirected his career path to Furniture Sales, where he gained much experience and success in Sales and Management.

Realizing his own development of sales skills and talents, and acknowledging his strong interest in wrist watches, David decided to combine both by starting an online business selling watch accessories. His business operated successfully over (14) years and enabled him to gain valuable knowledge in all facets of running a “well-oiled machine”. Using a keen eye for style and design, he also created a branded product line that quickly became his best-selling products.

With his varied Sales experience and background, David now focuses on Capital Equipment Sales by managing and supporting several EX FACTORY Woodworking Machinery categories.

Whether you are acquiring or selling equipment, call David for prompt and courteous service!

David Helms
704-841-2001 ext. 303
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Lana Savitch Lana was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. She graduated from the Baltic State Technical University (Voenmeh D.F.Ustinov) of St. Petersburg and awarded a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Electro-Mechanical Designs.

Following graduation, she accepted a position as a Heavy Machinery Engineer-Designer at the Institute of Scientific Research & Technology of St. Petersburg, Russia, a division of Putilov Factory. She remained several years at the Institute until the mid 1990s, when Lana made the decision to immigrate to the USA. She joined AGM (Alfa Glass Machinery), a North American distributor of Italian Glass & Window Working Machinery. Her primary AGM activities included office management, sales support, customer services, marketing, and vendor relationships.

Seven years later, Lana accepted a position with EX FACTORY to provide sales support and customer service. Fluent in both Russian and English, Lana may be your first contact! She'll gladly answer your basic questions and put you in direct contact with the Product Manager who can assist with your requirements!
Lana Savitch
704-841-2001 ext. 321
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